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DMcL Plastering offers our customers the most cost effective and up to date energy efficient solutions.  External Wall Insulation is an effective means by reducing heat loss from your home or commercial property with significant savings on your heating bills. You can create a warmer and greener home by insulating your external walls in a established process which incorporates applying an external render waterproofing and coloured finished exterior surface.

About the External Wall Insulation Process:


• Fixing insulation material, expanded polystyrene slabs or mineral wool, to outer surface.

• A cement-based weather resistant render is applied over the insulation.

• The render is strengthened with the addition of steel ot fibreglass mesh, which also increases impact resistance.

• A thin layer of render can be applied to minimise thermal bridging at windows and doors.

• Problems (other than poor levels of insulation) suffered by some homes such as rain penetration, poor airtightness or frost damage can be solved by an external insulation system.

• Expanded Polystyrene Insulation systems are an effective and economical alternative to other technologies such as fibre glass or mineral wool.

Insulating your home from the outside has many advantages over internal insulation, for example:

• Protects the fabric of the building.

• Ensures consistent U-values.

• Reduces thermal bridging, thereby minimizing condensation and heat loss.

• Transfers the dew-point outside the structural wall element.

• Improves the air tightness of the construction, reducing draughts and heat loss.

• Maximizes the effect of thermal mass, reducing internal temperature fluctuations.

• May contribute to improvements in sound insulation as part of general refurbishment, e.g. where windows are being replaced.

• Is available in a wide range of finishes and colors.

• Is relatively easy to install, leading to faster construction.

• Makes quality control easier as the insulation coverage is clearly visible.

• Increased energy efficiency for householders leading to economic benefits by lower your heating costs.

Government Grants available

At DMcL Plastering we provide insulation solutions to meet any standards.  With the government giving grants, there has never been a better time to avail of this scheme. 

The Better Energy Homes scheme was re-launched on 10th March 2015.  There are three key changes:

  • The minimum grant requirement of €400 has been removed.
  • A new bonus of €300 is payable on the third and €100 on fourth Energy Efficiency Measures – see table below.
  • Revised grant amounts for Energy Efficiency Measures – see table below.
  • Insulation Options Grant Value
    Attic insulation €300
    Cavity wall insulation €300
    Internal wall insulation/Dry lining  
    Apartment or mid-terrace house €1200
    Semi-detached or end-of-terrace house €1800
    Detached house €2400
    External wall insulation  
    Apartment (any) OR Mid-terrace House €2,750
    Semi-detached OR End of terrace €4,500
    Detached house €6,000

*A BER grant will only be available with a grant for one or more of the energy efficiency works listed.

*Cash Grants are set value unless expenditure is below the set value, in which case the actual expenditure will be reimbursed.


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